KGNS Mission

(our purpose and reason for being)

To give our children the best start in life as we safely help them explore, navigate and pioneer in the world around them. To build the foundations for happy, curious, confident learners, and content individuals in later life who will, in return, make positive contributions to the society. 

KGNS Vision

(what we want to achieve)

Through love and nurture, we grow healthy and happy learners who play, explore, develop physically and emotionally, form trusting relationships, and safely acquire knowledge of the world around them.

Through child-friendly transition strategies between rooms and schools, we prepare our children effectively to face the challenges of the next stage of their lives.

Through broad and balanced curriculum, we ensure our children are exposed to rich experiences and build on the cultural capital.

Through meaningful child-adult interactions, development movement play and vocabulary rich environment, we reduce the impact from the Covid-19 pandemic on children’s personal, physical and social development, and unlock the potential of less advantaged children.