Grow Your Own Tomatoes!

Dear Kate Greenaway families, would you like to grow your own tomatoes?
At this time of year in the gardens at KG we would usually be spending time noticing and talking about the changes we see in the trees and plants. Watching buds changing into leaves and flowers growing.
In our vegetable beds some of the seeds we planted in the spring would already have grown into plants and their flowers already changing into young fruits or vegetables.
In the past we have grown plants from seed and offered them for you to take home.
This year we have tomato plants if you have space and would like one.
(They will grow to about 1 – 1.5 meters high and 50cm wide and you will need some compost and a pot that is, ideally, 25 – 30cm wide and high for them to grow well.)
Growing plants is a great starting point to stimulate curiosity, language and learning.
We might notice similarities and differences as we talk about the different parts of a plant; we see changes in size and shape; we can understand what helps plants grow well and learn to take care of them; we use our muscles to control watering cans or bottles; we talk about the time it takes for something to be ready to pick and or eat; we notice what insects or mini beasts visit or live alongside the plants as they grow; we might share the fruit or vegetables we grow with friends or family.
If you would like to take a plant home and can fit a visit to the nursery into your daily exercise routine please feel free to collect a plant from the wall next to the gate. They will be out from Wed 29th April – Fri 1st May
We would like you all to be safe whilst you do this so please take care to maintain the 2 meters distance from each other as you approach and leave Kate Greenaway.
Washing hands is also something we are all doing regularly now. Please remember to do this after handling the pots.
It may also be very tempting to stop and chat outside the nursery if you meet someone you know, but, please take care and follow the guidance we have been given and move away as soon as you have collected your tomato.
Growing tips and information will be available on   the KG website if you follow the links for Home Learning.
It would be great if you can let us know how you get on with your growing, but, most of all, we hope you enjoy the conversations and exploring and fun of growing your own tomatoes.
KG tomato growing 
Looking after your plants
Your plants do not need much, but, a little looking after will get the best out of them.
Put them into a larger pot as soon as you can ( check out our video on the KG website)
They will grow best with at least a little sun ( cover them if the weather gets frosty overnight ).
Water them if the soil feels dry – every two days or so from when they have flowers or tomatoes on.
If you have space, cut off the top of the plant when it has 5 bunches of flowers or gets to 1.5m high.
A little liquid feed every 2 weeks will give you more vegetables to enjoy J. (Tomato feed is good for all vegetables.)
Tie them onto a support as they grow – garden canes / sticks / or netting works well.
Venti will be happy to answer any questions via the website and we hope you have fun chatting with your children about the growing and doing the jobs together. 
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