Safeguarding and Child Protection

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Safeguarding is a general term which describes everything we do to protect children. This includes such things as safe recruitment, careful storage of information, risk assessments and the care of premises where children spend their time. Child protection is a specific element of safeguarding which this policy also deals with and which offers systems and procedures to help us protect children from specific types of harm.

Link to full Safeguarding Policy:

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy – September 2020

Safeguarding Policy Addendum – COVID-19

Link to our Safer Recruitment Policy:

Safer Recruitment Guidance

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021:

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021

Online Guidance:

Keeping Under Fives Safe Online

Our Mission Statement:
Child protection must come first, regardless of meetings, visitors etc.
If in doubt – share your concerns – don’t feel that you will look foolish, or that the person you want to talk to is too busy
Make a record – what you saw, what the child said, what the parents said.
How did the child appear? How did the parents react?
Involve parents appropriately – take advice.
Be sensitive about different styles of parenting. (This does not mean ignoring your concerns. Withdrawn, unwell, shut-down, injured children need intervention to promote their wellbeing).
Act quickly – arrange meetings with parents sooner rather than later (but not before you are prepared or had time to think).
The child’s welfare and safety always come first.
If you have any concerns about the welfare or safety of a child, please make them known to one of our designated Safeguarding and Child Protection team at the nursery:
Fiona Godfrey
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Rachel Phipp
Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Morvia Harriott
Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Karen Daley
Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Debbie Jackson
Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Jackie Cunningham
Deputy Safeguarding Lead
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