Tracking Children’s Progress at Kate Greenaway


Why we do it

Our staff team work very closely with all children. Through this engagement we make continuous assessments of what each child shows us they can do and where they need support to develop further. These reflections feed into our planning, and detailed observations are captured and reflected in each child’s Early Excellence Tracker. Further, we meet with families termly to discuss children’s progress and identify Next Steps for their development together.

We also conduct assessments based on Key persons’ knowledge of each child. This takes place termly, completed by Key persons for their Key children with oversight from the Senior Leadership Team.

The purpose of this tracking is to identify:

  1. any areas in which individual children need additional support or challenge
  2. any areas of the Early Years curriculum which we need to focus on as a staff team
  3. any groups of children (for example those who speak English as an additional language) who might need additional support.



As a Nursery School we do not have National data sets for comparison with other settings. The first formal tracking of this kind occurs at the end of the Reception year in the form of the Foundation Stage Profile. However, we do moderate our tracking alongside several other local Early Years settings to ensure consistent and accurate assessment of children’s development.

The EExAT tracking system

The Early Years curriculum (a document called Development Matters) was not designed to support the tracking of children’s progress. Development bands are blurred to reflect the naturally uneven rate of children’s progress. Therefore, from September 2016 we have been using a tracking system from Early Excellence, an organisation that specialises in Early Years pedagogy and practice. This system gives greater accuracy to our judgements and also allows us to track children’s levels of well-being and engagement, aspects which are key to children’s learning.

2019 School Leavers Cohort End of Year Report

How do children continue to progress after leaving Kate Greenaway Nursery School?

Foundation Stage Profile data for children who attended Kate Greenaway*

The below graph represents the Foundation Stage Profile results for children who attended Kate Greenaway, a year after they left the nursery.

Here is an example of children’s success compared to the national average after leaving Kate Greenaway:


*4 children are not included in the data due to significant SEND

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